Become Profitable Selling On Amazon FBA By Following My LOW RISK Online Training.
...Step By Step Simplified Product Research!
Everything you need to follow step by step in order to start finding winning products to sell on Amazon.   Video tutorials come with downloadable PDF reading material so you can understand exactly how to implement each step.  Login to training course is accessible 24/7.  Simply login when convenient for you at your own time and at your own pace.

FBA Winners whole training course is over 12 hours long.  After going through every module,  it is suggested that you go back to each tutorial to take action on what needs to be done.  Review, re-watch, and rewind any tutorials if you ever need a refresher.

Your enrolment includes FBA Winners' secret 1-1 coaching group for students only.  You have access to this group for a life time.  Here you can ask your questions, seek help from expert sellers and join weekly 1-1 coaching calls.  Instructions to access is in the course.

Video tutorials and reading materials are always up to date.  You will never receive out-of-date information.  FBA Winners course is updated every time there is a change with Amazon's terms of service or if new strategies arise.

Get the number 1 check list to help you find profitable products to sell.  Simply match what is on the check list to find your winning product.

  Welcome To FBA Winners Course - Private Coaching Facebook Group Access Here! 
  Forming Your Business Structure - Sole Proprietorship (Individual) or Corporation (Business Entity)

Module 1: Setting Up Appropriate Accounts to Sell on Amazon Marketplace
   Choosing a Professional Business, Storefront And Brand Name For Amazon 
   How to Create a Professional Seller Central Account 
   Opening a Seller Account Inquiries- Amazon Help Desk 
   International Sellers - Applying For a US Based Bank Account & US Credit Cards
   International Sellers - Registering For XE Exchange Account To Move Funds Online 
   How to Create an Alibaba Account 
   Navigating / Learning How to Use Alibaba For Product Selection 

Module 2: Communicating With Manufacturers & Suppliers
   Contacting Suppliers The Easiest Way 
   Figuring Out How Many Units to Purchase For Your First Order 
   Negotiating With Suppliers (Tips & Tricks) To Pay Less! 
   Contacting Alibaba For Problems & Inquiries - Online Help Desk

Module 3: Amazon Product Research - Find Hot Profitable Products to Sell & What NOT To Sell!
   Viewing Product Revenue, Profitability, Expenses, and More
   Simple Product Research Criteria to Find Profitable Products
   In Depth Product Research Analysis To Find The Winning Product 
   Reverse ASIN Lookup to Check Product Demand & Steal Competitor Keywords
   Finding Profitable Products To Sell By "Going Down the Rabbit Hole" On Amazon 
   Checking For Amazon Restricted Products And How To Get Approval 
   (NEW) List of 125 Products NOT To Source - Stay Away!
   (NEW) Winning Product Verification Check List - Should You Sell It?!

Module 4: Identifying Trending Products & Checking For Trademarks / Patents - Stay Away!
   Researching Product Trends, Prices & Best Seller's Rank (BSR) 
   Using Google Trends to Verify Trends of Products
   Checking For Trademarks & Patents on United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) 

Module 5: Universal Product Codes (UPC) Barcodes
   Where to Buy a UPC Barcode For Products 
   Inserting UPC Barcode in Product Listing & Printing FNSKU Barcodes 

Module 6: Shipping From China to Amazon Fulfillment Centres (FBA Warehouse)
   Understanding Shipping & Delivery Terms 
   Air Shipping VS. Sea Shipping - Which is Better For Your Business? 
   Getting an Accurate Shipping Quote From Your Freight Forwarder
   Ordering Product Samples the Cheap & Easy Way
   Creating a Shipment Plan in Amazon Seller Central 

Module 7: Calculating Upfront Capital Costs & Fulfillment Fees
   Calculating Initial Costs to Start Your Business - How Much Money Do You Need? 
   Figuring Out a Healthy Profit Margin To Make Money
   Amazon Fees - Storage, Fulfillment, Refunds, Removal, Referral Fees & More!

Module 8: Hiring Freelancers on Upwork / Fiverr
   How to Set up Account to Hire Successful Freelancers And Virtual Assistants 

Module 9: Building Your Product Listing
   Product Photography Tips - Get the Best Images to Convert Sales! 
   Looking For Best Keywords to Rank Your Product High Above Competitors 
   Stealing Your Competitors Best Keywords to Include in Your Product Listing 
   Optimizing Your Product Listing Secrets 
   Building Your Product Listing Within Seller Central Step By Step 
   Pricing Your Product The Right Way - When To Adjust The Price
   Checking if Keywords Are Indexed on Amazon To Maximize Search Results

Module 10: Amazon Product Reviews & Storefront Feedback
   How to Easily Get Your Initial Product Reviews For Product Launch
   Why You Need Verified Reviews & Not Unverified Reviews 
   Including An Insert Card With Your Product Packaging For Product Reviews 
   Storefront Feedback & Benefits Explained 
   (NEW) Setting Up Automated Email Sequences Using Feedbackwhiz - BEST Template
   How To Remove Negative Product Reviews
   (NEW) How To Include An E-book For Your Product

Module 11: Launching Your Product to Page 1
   How To Launch Your Product To Page 1 Explained 
   Ranking Your Products With Specific Keywords Using URL  
   Tracking Keyword Rank Using the Best Keyword Tracker Tool 

Module 12: Amazon Sponsored Ads - PPC Campaigns (Pay-Per-Click) & How To Launch
 Differences Between Automatic & Manual PPC Campaigns - Which Is More Effective 
   Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) Explained
   Setting Up Automatic PPC Campaigns 
   How To Analyze Automatic PPC Data & Optimize Campaign 
   Setting Up Manual PPC Campaigns - Broad / Phrase / Exact 
   How To Analyze Manual PPC Data & Optimize Campaign 
   Reading PPC Advertising Reports & Picking Out Top Keywords to Convert  
   Charging Sponsored Ads to Your Credit Card For Extra Points
   Optimizing Automatic PPC Targeting Defaults
   Using Direct ASIN Targeting Manual PPC Campaigns - Target Your Competitors 
   Bidding Strategy: Advanced Keyword Bidding Optimization

Module 13: Fighting Off Third Party Sellers (Hijackers) & Protecting Your Brand
   Scaring Off Hijackers & How to Tell if You Have a Hijacker
   How to File a Trademark For Your Brand Name or Logo
   How to Successfully Report Copyright Infringement 
   Applying For Amazon Brand Registry

Module 14: Post Launch Maintenance - Sustaining Organic Sales
   Setting Up Product Coupons to Convert More Sales 
   Staying & Sticking to Page 1 & Getting Organic Sales 
   Aiming for "Amazon's Choice" Badge"
   Running Out of Stock - What to Do to Not Hurt Conversions
   Liquidating Your Product - Learning to Break Even & Not Lose Money 

Module 15: Amazon Accounting - Keeping Track Of Expenses & Books
   Business Expenses - Quickbooks Online & A2X Amazon Accounting Software 
   Sole Proprietorship Expenses - Tracking Using Excel Spreadsheet

Module 16: (Advanced) Growing Your Brand & Driving External Traffic Using ManyChat Bots + Facebook Ads
   Extracting Customer Data Using Feedbackwhiz To Create Custom Audience 
   Extracting Customer Data For Different Products Using Feedbackwhiz
   Creating A Facebook Fan Page For Your Products & Customers 
   Getting Started With ManyChat & How It Is Used 
   Integrating Facebook With ManyChat - How To Market To Your Own Customers, Again & Again
   Generating Coupons Within Seller Central To Prepare Launch 
   Managing Coupons Using Google Sheets & Zapier 
   Launching Your Product Using Manychat - Setting Up Flows 
   Setting Up Facebook Business Manager & Ad Accounts 
   Building A Custom Audience & Driving External Traffic On Facebook 
   How To Edit Facebook Ads Using Different Ad Sets, A/B Split Testing & Ad Copy 
   Creating Your Own Landing Page & Capturing Customer Emails

Resources, Links & Savings
   Resources, Links & Savings 
 $72,585 IN 1 MONTH
 $30,923 IN 1 MONTH
 $17,760 IN 1 MONTH
 $24,013 IN 1 MONTH
 $56,310 IN 1 MONTH
 $41,660 IN 1 MONTH
✔️You have zero experience and never made your first sale online.
✔️You don’t know anything about starting an online business.

✔️You don’t have any experience with selling physical products online.

✔️You don’t know how to set up an Amazon seller account.

🌟BONUS (Valued at $599) Advice on how to track your business expenses using appropriate accounting software so you’re all set and ready for tax time.  There is no excuse for you to not get started today!
 Frequently Asked Questions
“Do You Verify Product Selection Ideas?”
Yes! There is a product cheat sheet included with your enrolment in the secret Facebook group for students only. This cheat sheet verifies which products you should not source so you don't end up choosing products that will go to waste. Step by step product research criteria and instructions are also in the FBA Winners Course to reassure you that you are choosing only profitable products.
“How Does Coaching Work? Do You Follow Up With Students?”
Yes! Weekly real-time 1-1 coaching calls are held within the secret Facebook group for students only. This is your opportunity to ask any questions and share any experiences that you may have for this course and your business. Full time , experienced sellers are also in the student group to help you. Weekly attendance is recommended. 
Simply hop on the meeting room line and we can talk 1-1!
"How long does it take to complete FBA Winner’s course?"
With over 10 hours of training, the course is self-study at your own time. Majority of students have completed the course around the one to two-week mark. It is recommended that you refer-back to the course to guide you for every single step throughout your Amazon journey. Course information will be updated on a monthly basis to ensure that you are getting the best strategies to run your business.
"What is the value of FBA Winner’s course? What can I expect?"
The value of this course is estimated at $8,377.  This includes life time access to the course. Every single step in this course is to prepare you to start making money for your Amazon business. You can expect to earn passive income after you apply each step. Do not try to figure this out on your own. Do not try to change any teaching techniques taught in this course. These are strategies that I’ve personally put to test and it works. 
"Do I need a separate, legal business entity?"
No. Just start focusing on making your first dollar online and figure out the formalities when you profit your first few thousand dollars per month. For now, all income earned is put towards your personal income tax.
“How Can I Apply For Additional Training Sessions With You?”
FBA Winners Course goes in depth for everything you need from beginning to end in order to successfully run your Amazon business. If you require immediate assistance or would like a full analysis of any part of the program, you may book a private 1-1 coaching call here:
“"But I Can't Afford FBA Winners Course”
Yes, you can. Knowledge is worth every penny. Once you learn specific skills to turn your business into success, no body can ever take that away from you. Only you can rinse and repeat the process. We offer a two month payment plan if that better suits your needs. Please visit the check out page.
 ✔️(Valued At $1,297) Easy Step-By-Step tutorials for you to follow: Over 12 hours of training, 16 In-Depth Modules, 90 Video Tutorials & PDF worksheets. 

✔️ (Valued At $1,497) Expect up-to-date learning strategies on how to start making sales on Amazon. Course will be updated frequently to take your business to the next level!

  ✔️(Valued At $597) Lifetime Membership to Amazon FBA Winners Course. Self-study at your own pace and time.

 ✔️(Valued At $597) Lifetime access to the FBA Winners’ private coaching group community with other successful Amazon sellers. Get access to 1-1 coaching calls every week!

 ✔️(Valued At $997) Expand your brand outside of Amazon! Learn to market to customers on Facebook using ManyChat messenger bots. Build email lists to sell your products to!

  ✔️(Valued At $397) Best practices to help you save money to start your business. Not everything has to be expensive!

✔️BONUS 1: (Valued At $599) List of over 100 products not to sell so you don't end up with loser products.

✔️BONUS 2: (Valued At $399) How to verify winning products using the ultimate product verification checklist.  Simply as plug and play.

✔️BONUS 3: (Valued At $599) How to sell from anywhere around the world in different marketplaces even if you are starting out as an individual.

✔️BONUS 4: (Valued At $899) How to launch products ORGANICALLY using only Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click) sponsored ads.

✔️BONUS 5: (Valued At $499) How to successfully get reviews from anyone and anywhere from all over the world. 
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